Electrical Installation Works

Electrical Installation works – Internal and external power supply – We perform a full cycle of services for power supply networks from solution and designing to construction, commissioning and maintenance (with voltage of up to 1,000 V). We also provide various integrated solutions. BMS (Building Management Systems)

BMS is a management system of the automation equipment and systems of a building that operates according to the principles of divided management system. The system can be automatically connected to specialized software and visualized on a single monitor. It controls heating, ventilation and air conditioning, lighting, fire protection, security, power control and other engineering systems of the building.

The systems used in building automation vary according to the type of the object – industrial facilities, public buildings, office buildings, hotels, apartment buildings, single-family homes, etc. It is also possible to combine several buildings and objects outside buildings into a single system.
The building management system can control the components directly, but it is usually installed at several levels.

1. Lower level (also called the terminal or field level) consists of the lower level controllers and input‑output devices (sensors, lower level user interfaces and actuators) connected by the bus.

2. Middle level (also called the automation or system level) consists of building controllers with higher functionality. They control larger systems of the building, such as air conditioning, lighting. The building controllers are connected to sensors and actuators directly or indirectly via the lower level. If the connection to the higher level is lost, the middle level controllers are able to ensure autonomous operation of the systems.

3. Higher level (management level) ensures the integrity and administration of all systems of the building as well as monitoring. This level also provides access to each unit of the system. The main functions of the higher level:
monitoring (current status, archived historical information, summaries, analysis, charts, reports, etc.);
detection, notification and management of alarms and other conditions;
interaction and integrity of the systems of the building.