Maintenance and repair of the IT infrastructure

Appropriate IT infrastructure is the basis of continuous operation in every company. Ltd. ”DATIKA” offers its clients verified and qualitative outsourcing – the service of computer specialists, hardware audit and repair, software audit.

Our specialists are professionals of their field who are able to solve even the most complex problems qualitatively and rapidly. IT infrastructure is established considering the business needs of the client.

We offer analysis of the infrastructure’s current state, assessment of the capacity, optimization of servers as well as description and prevention of possible problems.

We offer remote supervision of servers (processor, hard disk, operative memory, supervision of different software related actions) and measuring/testing of load.

We maintain anti-virus solutions, install the latest upgrades and security bug fixes for servers and workstations.

We offer audit event log  (‘’Event viewer”) analysis, action recording, ensuring data backup process, computer configuration, managing and configuration of network switches including setting up virtual network (VLAN) and monthly preventative maintenance works for every workstation.