Video surveillance systems

Ltd.”DATIKA” offers different solutions for video surveillance systems from the world’s leading producers. We offer IP video surveillance systems, analogue video surveillance systems and hybrid video surveillance systems. We also offer the audit of the systems as well as installation and service of video surveillance systems.

Video surveillance is a very good form of security with a wide range of applications. With the help of video surveillance you can follow the ongoing processes during your absence. With video surveillance system you are able to control the process of company’s business and production, and also employ the system to ensure additional protection of your goods and business. You have the ability to follow your team thereby, you can control the work of staff, control the quality of service, increase the security of your business, and always solve controversial situations. It is very easy to follow everything, because you can do it from both computer and tablet or smart phone from any place of the world.

Video surveillance system is an integral part of the modern private house security that will let you feel safer while being at home or being absent.

Video surveillance system can be installed and serviced in any type of locations.