Designing, documentation, measurements

Designing, documentation, measurements is one of the first processes in construction, which plays an important role in making sure that the end result of the object is of high quality, sustainable and safe. We develop technical projects of engineering networks engineering – project development and implementation of electrical installation and electronic communication systems (UAS/AS/VN/DAT/PK).

Any work is based on an idea. The idea of the vision and its implementation. Designing is the preparation of these ideas and wishes for further implementation. Full-cycle designing involves studying the current situation, offering the recommended solutions and technologies according to the client’s requirements, and development of the project.

Designing is necessary to define goals precisely and achieve them, calculate accurate costs of the works and their deadlines. Designing also saves the client’s time and resources because an experienced designer can accurately predict the next steps and see the entire project as a single unit from the very beginning. During the designing process, we can look at different engineering solutions, compare them and choose the most appropriate one. Designing also includes cost comparison.

ESS – Electronic Communications Systems Networks

  • Video surveillance
  • Security and access control
  • Fire detection and alarm
  • Public announcement system and fire alarm
  • Audio systems for background music

EL – Electricity networks

  • Electrical networks and equipment – cable networks, sockets, switches, distribution
  • Lighting networks and equipment – light fixtures, switchgear, distribution
  • Lightning and over-voltage protection, earthing – active or passive lightning protection, earthing circuit
  • Backup, emergency power supply – UPS and generators

BMS (Building Management Systems)

  • Heat management
  • Ventilation management
  • Air conditioning management
  • Lighting management
  • Fire protection management
  • Security systems management
  • Electricity control management

Projects carried out:

  • TC Korso – electrical installation designing;
  • Star Cinema at 37 Jomas Street, Jūrmala – electrical installation designing;
  • Roof Bar-B-Q music – electrical installation designing;
  • Tīnūži Elementary School – fire alarm designing;
  • Latvijas Nafta Grenctāle – fire alarm designing.

Project development stages:

  • Pre-designing stage (intention, location, scope, etc.);
  • Designing stage (choice of specific solutions, technologies, equipment/ materials, etc.);
  • Finished project.
  • The client must take into account the following requirements when starting designing:
  • The idea must be defined as precisely as possible;
  • The client must know the designing scope, wishes, budget;
  •  What are the future opportunities for “growth”, expansion;
  • Service/maintenance options, needs.

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