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Solid State Drive – is a data storage technology which unlike HDD is based on Flash or DRAM. Data are stored in a semiconductor instead of a rotating disk.
SSD drives is negligible retention time, as opposed to the HDD does not have a rotating disk, moving heads and other mechanical components.
SSD drives are very durable and quiet in its operation.

Parameters SSD (Solid State Drive) HDD (Hard Disk Drive

Power Draw / Battery Life

Less usage, an average of 2-3 watts,
as a result battery life increases by
30+ min of a portable computer
More power draw, averages 6 – 7
watts and therefore uses more battery

Operating System Boot Time

Around 10-13 seconds average
bootup time
Around 30-40 seconds average bootup


There are no moving parts and as
such no sound
Audible clicks and spinning can be


No vibration as there are no moving
Diska darbība dažkārt var radīt

Heat Produced

Lower power draw and no moving
parts so little heat is produced
HDD doesn’t produce much heat, but it
will have a measurable amount more
heat than an SSD due to moving parts
and higher power draw

File Copy / Write Speed


Generally above 200 MB/s and up to
550 MB/s for cutting edge drives
The range can be anywhere from 50 –
120MB / s

File Opening Speed


Up to 30% faster than HDD Slower than SSD

Magnetism affected


An SSD is safe from any effects of
Magnets can erase data

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